Sunday 17 June 2012

Sydney Fashion & Beauty 101 meets Gabe Robinson, Head Stylist on The Voice AU

Ahead of tonight's final of the biggest show on TV, The Voice, we talk to the genius Head Stylist, Gabe Robinson, on his inspirations, the contestants style, Joel's leopard print and Seal's shellac nails....

 1.       Who’s been your favourite contestant to style?

I dont have one particular favourite!  They all have their own individual look that I love to create with them.

Sarah De Bono has such quirky hair, so I love going crazy with really out there brands like Romance was Born, Alice McCall and Jaimie Lee, and than there's Big Darren Percival who I love to dapper up in tuxedo style blazers and velvet smoking jackets! Then you have little Rachael Leachar who look so ethereal and elegant so I love putting lace, tule and sparkle on her. Finally we have Karise, who is such an old soul and loves the Aretha Franklin vibe, so I put her in lace, paisley and velvet and boho it up with some jewels!

2.       Out of the judges, who do you think has the best style?

Man i love Seals random nails! I paint a few random nails on the odd occasion, but Seal goes all out with the gold shellac! I also dig Joel's hair and his street vibe. One week I got to put him in leopard on leopard on leopard which was awesome! I had a silk print bomber over a blue leopard tee, and I made a bandana out of another leopard print too for his back pocket! It was so random and rad! 

3.       How long does it take you to plan each outfit each week? 

We sit through a few creative meetings to toss over concepts, staging, screens and lighting, and then I develop the looks based off that. So usually 2-3 days of prepping and creative concept developments.

4.       How involved are the contestants in their styling?  

They are their own person and they have been dressing themselves their whole life, so of course I want to stick to who they are as a person, but it is my job to evolve their own perception and stylistic concept and pull out the elements that are more star quality, and take that to the next level.

5.       Where the clothes from – is there a lot of designer, more high street or an equal mix? 

I source clothing from far and wide. I try to use a massive array of designers both large and small, national and international. I mix fashion forward brands like Josh Goot, and Ellery with some smaller brands like Ixiah, Macraw, Jaimie Lee, Emma Mulholland and even some tiny brands from the markets! I also use a few international designers like Ted Baker and Celine.

Some smaller brands have tracked me down via my twitter (@GA8E) and sent me look books and I've used some of their stuff on the show too. 

6.       Can you give us any sneak previews of the outfits for the final? 

It's all top secret at this stage, but lets just say its going to be colourful, fashionable and....glamorous!

7.       Who are your favourite designers? 

I'm not really a brand snob and dont usually like to drool over international brands, but Givenchy has been killing it with menswear lately....BUT back to reality; For the work I do, brands like Josh Goot, Jaimie Lee, Emma Mulholland, Alice McCall, Romance was Born, Ode to No One, Ixiah, Natasha, Aje, Macgraw, Alex Perry and so on are good representations of the Australian fashion market and I like to showcase all the talent we have here!

8.       Other than The Voice, what’s your favourite TV show? 

I am a sucker for series. I don't get to watch much TV, so I fox IQ series like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, How to Make It in America, Tosh.0 and I never miss any UFC!

9. Who is your ultimate style icon 

I'm not going to say someone like Karl Lagerfeld or something predictable like that. I draw style inspiration from random people, Kanye West is all time, but just from everyone around me. I work on big productions with massive teams of people for long hours and you get to spend a lot of time with people you wouldn't meet otherwise, and they are all doing there own thing. One dude is in a cool military anorak, another with some awesome boots, Seal and his nails, and Joel with his leopard prints etc.

10. What are your trend predictions for SS 2021- 2013 
I try not to follow trend sites or read too much into magazines, I like to just trust my instinct. Lately I keep dressing all one colour, and inserting a random print like leopard or polkadot but in unusual colour variations. For example, all blue; blue chino's, blue socks, blue shirt and a blue tall tail tee in a blue leopard print, with a blue suit blazer that I sew something random onto like blue leather elbow patches or a blue leather pocket trim. Throw a Brixton fedora on with a sweet pair of Sebago docksides and thats basically what i do! 
Trends come and go, just like the seasons.

I believe a person should always dress to their OWN trend/style and not just chameleon from one fad or trend to another. I think a person should have their vibe going on and just insert colours or prints form those trends into it, still remaining who they are as a person.
I see people wearing something that is totally NOT who they are just because it's 'on trend', but thats the mistake. Just because it's on 'trend' for the masses doesn't mean it's trendy for you. Not everything suits everyone. There's certain trends/styles that I think are awesome, but it just doesnt work on me, so i don't go there, but it doesn't mean i don't appreciate or respect that trend. 

A big Sydney Fashion & Beauty 101 thank you to the very lovely Gabe for giving us this interview. Follow him on Twitter at: @GA8E
The final of The Voice is on Channel Nine tonight and tomorrow at 7:30pm

Friday 15 June 2012

BEAUTY101** 5 Handbag Essentials for the 'Walk of Shame'

When I first arrived in Sydney I met a guy on a night out which resulted in me going back to his house (don't judge) in Redfern (again, don't judge, I live there now. Not with the guy, but that's another story).

To cut a long story short, I had to make my way home the following morning with no directions and no google maps on my phone.

Luckily for me, I only had to walk over Prince Alfred park to get to Central, but boy did that turn into a walk of judgement. The park was full of fitness groups, dog walkers, tennis players and even a children's birthday party. Everyone stared. I must have looked pretty bad. I think I was also giving off an air of disgust, particularly to the parents at the kids party.

I was so embarrassed I vowed never to go out without a few essentials to protect me from this situation again (not that I make a habit of going back to guys houses fyi). So here are FB101's top 5 handbag essentials for turning your the walk of shame into a walk of fame. (come on, we've all been there).

1. Lip balmA girls best friend after a night of heavy drinking. Smother this on as soon as you wake up to soothe and smooth dry, cracked lips. You can also rub on to any dry skin patches if you need to. FB101 recommends Chapstick original or Lucas Paw Paw.

2. MouthwashA mini bottle of mouthwash is easier to carry than a toothbrush and toothpaste, and gives you instantaneous fresh breath - perfect for a quick goodbye. FB101 recommends Colgate. NB always go for minty fresh, never the horrible Listerine purple one or fruity flavours (wtf?)

3. ConcealerA must to cover any imperfections and dark circles from a night on the tiles and lack of sleep. FB01 recommends a light reflecting concealer such as YSL's Touch Éclat or Clinique's Airbrush Concealer. Dot under your eyes, below the brow bone to brighten your eyes.

4. Hairband No one has perfect hair when they wake up after a night out. Hair can also get greasy pretty quickly, so always have a hairband to pop your hair up before you sleep, and to create a chic bun in the morning on your way home. FB101 also recommends a couple of kirby grips to hold flyaways in place.

Image courtesy of

5. SunglassesThe absolute essential. Sunglasses apparently make women 50% more attractive to men and hide a multitude of sins (surely the reason we look more attractive to the boys?). Annoyingly, they are often forgotten because they take up valuable room in your handbag. FB101 recommends these genius foldable sunnies from Black Boss Eyewear. They have a Wayfarer style so will suit most face shapes and come in black.

Monday 11 June 2012

BEAUTY NEWS** Melbourne’s Joey Scandizzo announced as 2012 Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year

Joey Scandizzo of Joey Scandizzo Salon was named the 2012 Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year, making him one of the youngest hairdressers to win the award in their 27-year history and taking the national prize to Melbourne for just the third time in 16 years.

As part of the Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards, held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre on Monday June 11, Joey took the top prize – beating over 200 submissions across thirteen categories and 29 in Australian Hairdresser of the Year. Having been a finalist for the award for the past six years, Joey is a true home-grown success story within the Australian hairdressing industry.


Joey, whose celebrity clientele includes Ruby Rose, received the trophy at a spectacular gala ceremony in Darling Harbour, hosted by comedienne Kitty Flanagan. It is the peak of an incredible 12 months, which has seen him breaking away from Melbourne hairdressing chain, Rokk Ebony, to open his own salon; launching a new haircare brand, Eleven Australia; and marrying his long-time model girlfriend, Jane Smith.

Though many industry insiders felt it might be his year, of his win, Joey said: “I can’t believe it finally happened – this is awesome! I definitely wanted to win, but after so many years as a near miss, I stopped myself thinking it might be tonight. It’s been an amazing year, where so many of my professional dreams have come true. But this is best. It makes all the hard work – and the years of waiting – worth it. Thanks so much to my wife, Jane, who is always there supporting me and to my team, I honestly couldn’t have done it without you guys.”

The award tops a long list of industry accolades Joey has received in his 17-year career and well and truly catapults him into the upper echelons of both the Australian and international hairdressing industries. Famously told that he was “destined to be a nobody” when he dropped out of school at 15, his determination to succeed and passion for his craft has paid off and proved the non-believers wrong.

Celebrating their 27th anniversary this year, the annual Hairdressing Awards at Hair Expo are the longest running and most respected awards in the Australian and New Zealand hairdressing industry. They set the industry standard in the region and represent the pinnacle of hairdressing excellence in the southern hemisphere.
Winners across all categories included fellow Melbourne hairdressers, Frank Apostolopoulos from Biba, Fitzroy, taking out Photographic Collection of the Year; Tracey Hughes from Tracey Hughes Education taking Educator of the Year; and Tracey’s team from Mieka Hairdressing, Collingwood, winning Salon Team of the Year. Paul Divitaris, the man behind Victoria’s largest salon chain and renowned education academy, Biba, was also inducted into the Hair Expo Hall of Fame for his outstanding achievements within the industry. The details of every winner and their salon are listed below.

The awards gala was preceded by a spectacular show from the night’s sponsor, Schwarzkopf Professional, and wraps up the 36th year of Hair Expo Australia. The event is the largest hairdressing industry showcase in the southern hemisphere. Over 10,000 visitors from around the region flock to Darling Harbour to see more than 10,000 square metres of exhibition space, industry innovations and education, plus more than 2,000 models in shows from international and local hairdressing stars, demonstrating the latest and greatest in the hairdressing world.

** REVIEW - Sydney’s 2012 Hair Expo! - Opening Day At The Biggest Hair Event In The Southern Hemisphere!

Top hairdressers from Australia and around the world descended on Sydney for the 2012 Hair Expo yesterday!

Sydney Fashion and Beauty 101 was excited to find out what was going on at the Expo!

Set in the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, there were hundreds of dazzling stalls.  

The event was teeming with hair enthusiasts keen to keep up with the current trends and ideas in the hair industry.

Award winning hairdressers took to the stages scattered throughout the expo to talk about and show off their latest masterpieces sculptured into their model’s hair.

Stylists from Moroccan Oil showed how the new Luminous Hairspray Strong Flexible Hold can create dramatic hair, but can easily be brushed out without the hair feeling sticky or static.

There were also Osmo, GKMBJ and Silk along with other designer stalls that showcased their range of products. Experts were at hand to talk through how to use their products and how to create gorgeous looking hair.

Meanwhile, Eyes of horus rocked out the Egyptian theme with funky pharaoh-like models and statues in their section.

Demonstrations by ghd, Redken, Schwarzkopf and L’Oreal Professional took place and there was some great Aussie talent about, such as hairdresser Hannah Escano from Suki showing off her animal looks and Award winning hairdresser Demi-Leigh Gardiner from Papas & Pace creating distinct colour dipping looks.

And to top it all off goody bags with samples, leaflets and info were being handed out to all that attended. PLUS reduced price hair scissors, hair products and hair extensions were on sale – another great reason to attend!

Later on Sydney Social 101 headed to the prestigious evening Gala for a special hair viewing set on the catwalk!

The Opening Spectacular, sponsored by ghd featured New Zealand’s Sara Allsopp’s take on Romance Was Born’s superhero themed hair and outfits, which were show cased at the 2012 Mercedes Australian Fashion Week.

Alan White from ghd, took to the stage to talk about the latest blow dryer on the market - the ghd Air!

And his set managed to pull off the impossible!

“We’re attempting to do something not many people ever do, and that is for our models to change their hair mid-show,” he revealed.

His models sported dramatic up-dos, wavy tresses and statement hair as they took to the stage and they seemed to pull it off in the 15-minute show.

Also, three times award winning Australian Hairdresser of the Year Jayne Wild also showcased her latest collection.

“I call this my playtime,” the designer told the packed-out audience.

“I love hairdressing and I love shows. This set is full of surprises and it’s about a feral creatures. I got the idea from my mad head,” Jayne joked.

And it was full of surprises - as models took to the catwalk wearing huge doll heads with funky hair, there was also dancing and even a trapeze act that followed!

Jennifer Fletcher is guest blogging for Sydney Fashion & beauty 101 for the 2012 Hair Expo.

Here is Sydney Fashion and Beauty 101's take on the hot looks from the Hair Expo:

GHD Creative
Redken Creative
Redken Creative
Redken Creative
Spotlight Stage - Caterina DiBiase
Youth Summit - Spotlight
Shot of the Show

Thursday 7 June 2012

**Fashion 101** Fine Jewellery by Lizunova

Sydney Fashion and Beauty 101 is very excited to reveal that we've been invited to the Fine jewellery by Lizunova launch next Thursday. The pieces are just stunning and would look amazing with a block colour outfit to bring a splash of colour to the dreary Sydney Winter backdrop.

Sydney Fashion and Beauty 101 will provide a behind the scenes look at into the launch, along with some images of the brand new product.

In the meantime, here is a sneak peek to whet your appetite:

Perfect with a black shift dress and navy shoes

Make a statement with your hair up to show off these little beauties

A subtle necklace to add a touch of colour to any outfit

Ideal everyday ring - wear with lilac nails to 'nail' the look



The largest and most prestigious hairdressing event in the southern hemisphere

There are always fun expos and festivals going on in Sydney and here at Sydney Fashion & Beauty 101 we will keep you across the events you need to get involved in, the Hair Expo 2012 is no exception! You are invited to step inside the glamorous world of hair fashion this Queen’s birthday long weekend, as top local and international hair stylists descend upon Sydney for Hair Expo Australia 2012.

Sydney Fashion and Beauty 101 will be on site to provide you with up-to-the minute tips from the expo, along with images of the top looks and trends that are emerging!

Showcasing the hairdressing industry’s leading brands and stylists, Hair Expo Australia offers the chance to get up close and personal with world-class experts and be dazzled by the latest in innovation and creativity.

 WHAT - Things to see this year include:

-         The world’s leading celebrity hairdressers from across the globe including Sassoon’s UK sensation, Mark Hayes, Redken’s international creative genius, Chris Baran and local stars Jayne Wild, Sharon Blain, Brad Ngata, Caterina DiBiase and Damien Rinaldo.

-       Learn how to become a styling superstar with fashion maestro, Snowden Hill’s  ‘Backstage’ seminar. A fixture behind the scenes at fashion weeks in Paris, London and Milan, Snowden will demonstrate how to translate runway looks into stellar street styles.

-       Enter the set of a live photo shoot with Aussie luminary, Kevin Murphy, as he takes you inside the exciting world of session styling.

-         Get up close with the creative experts from the world of makeup including Australia’s very own makeup mastermind, Rae Morris.

-         Demonstrations by the leading salon exhibitors such as ghd, L’Oréal Professionnel, Redken and Schwarzkopf Professional.

-       Two stages, right in the thick of the exhibition floor, featuring live demonstrations from top local and international artists, showcasing the latest and greatest new products all day;

-       Seminars, workshops, business education, ‘look and learn’ sessions and free business updates from some of the top names in the hairdressing business;

-       The Awards Gallery Lounge, displaying the amazing photographic collections of this year’s awards entrants;

PLUS three extravagant gala events, one on each night of Hair Expo:

-         Saturday’s Opening Spectacular – featuring the much-anticipated gala performance by three-time Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Jayne Wild, the ghd sponsored show is set to sizzle. Collaborating with New Zealand’s Sara Allsop the night will bring together a recreation of Mercedes Australian Fashion Week for a front-row fashion experience that usually, money can’t buy.

-         Sunday’s GenerationNext – will be a jam-packed showcase of the industry’s best up and coming talent. Audiences will be wowed by a series of short shows, brimming with creativity, ending on a high with the entertaining finale from International Redken Artist, Chris Baran.

-         Monday’s Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards – unquestionably the hair industry’s night of nights, the longest running awards in the Southern Hemisphere are the pinnacle of the Australian and New Zealand hairdressing industry. After an awe-inspiring show from the night’s sponsor, Schwarzkopf Professional, find out who will be crowned Australia’s best hairdressers!

    So what you waiting for? get involved! Details below:

WHEN            Saturday June 9:     10.00am – 5.00pm
                        Sunday June 10:     10.00am – 6.00pm
                        Monday June 11:     10.00am – 4.00pm

WHERE         Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour

TICKETS      Start at $30 – save 10% by booking online at:
Massive savings are available though value passes

TWITTER     @hair_expo / #hairexpo

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